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Kyle H A Dad From TX
My family

Lorraine W A Mom From NY
when he comes home from treatment

Michelle S A Sister From FL
Testing 123

Kathy N A Mom From OK
Our daughter has decided to receive treatment.

Amy B This is wonderful news!! Have you found a treatment facility?

Kathy N A Mom From OK
My daughter was raised with alcohol as a part of her life. Our European background meant beer, wine and other alcohol were present at meals, celebrations, etc. alcohol was always around. She moved to the East coast for college. She’d call me to tell me if the fun parties she’d been to when she’d gotten so drunk she’d thrown up. I figured it was just a faze. She went on to grad school and got her masters degree. She was accepted to a doctoral program. During her doctoral program we continued to hear stories of Friday night bar nights to blow off steam from high stress work. I was concerned because she continued to tell stories about drinking to the point of vomiting or nearly “passing out”. I stated my concerns but was told by my daughter and other family members that I needed to relax. My daughter was drinking a lot of alcohol beginning as early as 9 am and continuing until bedtime. We usually only saw her on breaks from the university so she said her drinking was ok because she was “on vacation”. Our daughter was functioning despite the alcohol. In the past 2 months we have learned that she is severely depressed, and has turned to self harm. She tells us that she’s called the suicide crisis line twice. Her friends from the university state that it’s not uncommon for her to drink until she’s “passed out”. Her friends even kicked the door of her apartment down one night because they were so worried for her health when she didn’t respond to their text messages. So she moved home with her father and I. What we thought was help appears now to be enabling. We spend every waking hour trying to find a way to help her... and may be enabling her instead. Our hearts are broken to see our daughter in this state. I feel that this disease is eating my daughter and family alive. We are exhausted, frightened, sad, angry, disappointed all at the same time. We just want her to have joy in her life again, we want her back. She continues to deny that she has a problem.

Amy B Addiction is devastating for the whole family! This a great place to find education, support, and encouragement!